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There are many benefits of using trade show display rentals. Generally, renting is the cheaper option if you are not intending to make exhibiting at trade shows a key element of your marketing plan and will only be doing the occasional show. Trade show display attracts attention to a company’s product or different services. During the era of strong competition, there are forms of trade show displays that vary in size, style and cost. Various types include pop up displays, banner stands, literature racks and tabletop panels. These are really very attractive and effective way of marketing and promoting the product.

These inflatable advertising products are created from fabric, vinyl or plastic and contain a graphic image or multiple images. These are available in tabletop and or floor display versions. There are various types of advantages of pop up trade show displays include convenience, simplicity of setup and teardown and ease of transportation. Basically trade show displays are very effective as standalone trade show displays for smaller shows or as part of a larger exhibit. Some of these lightweight displays feature lighting and shelving options and most include a shipping carry case. These inflatable advertising products are generally not adjustable in size. However, when selecting a trade show display consider durability, ease of assembly and warranty.

On the other side, graphic option in trade show display is the vinyl or fabric banner. These inflatable advertising products are available to display the banner and come in a variety of styles including single, double and triple sided models. Basically these banner stands are lightweight, portable and also durable. At the same time some banner stands feature lights to enhance the image display. Hanging banner is also available for a memorable person. Renting your stand also gives you the opportunity to be much more proactive with promoting new products and services or reactive by adapting to changes in your market sector, simply by replacing your graphics.

There are many smaller companies with limited manpower, trade show display offer another huge advantage in that the rental company can also take full charge of installing and setting up your stand and dismantling it again after the show. Undoubtedly this is a huge consideration for some companies and one that is well worth the additional expense in terms of time and hassle saved. Actually the rental may also include stand fixtures such as literature displays and shelving and of course, floor coverings. This ensures that all you have to concern yourself with is getting to the show with your graphics, literature and promotional materials.

Actually having the stand dismantled and taken away after the show also means that there is no need to make storage space available for a trade show stand and no expense in renting additional space if this is not available at your business premises. At the same time, it also means that you have no worries about you stand becoming damaged in transit or storage with all the associated expenses and headaches getting it before the next show.

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